1.1 The 3rd party supplier. BYBROWN is the sole supplier of raincoats to the hotel . You can find the detailed terms and conditions for rental, insurance and returns right here. If you have any further questions regarding the terms and conditions, please contact the hotel front desk directly or ask for the BYBROWN contact details.


2.1 When returning the rental coat, you’ll be charged for the total duration that you had the coat in your possession the rental, depending on the rental duration the costs vary; €17,50, €15,00 or €12,50 as mentioned overleaf.

2.2 You are obliged to return the coat to the hotel before your departure, and during the coat rental you are not allowed to lend your coat to any other third party.

2.3      You are expected to treat the coat with due care to ensure maximum wearability and durability, minimizing environmental impact, allowing for the same premium standard for the following rental user.

2.4      If you have booked additional insurance (€2.50 for the total rental period) you will be charged a reduced amount of €200 in case of lost, stolen or extremely damaged coats.

2.5      If you have not booked the additional insurance, you will be charged €350 in case of lost, stolen or extremely damaged coats.


3.1 If payment is made by credit card you fully authorize the hotel to collect any payments referred to in these terms and conditions, the details are to be used or enquired after if contract terms are not met (refer to article 3.4).

3.2 When renting a coat from the hotel the private data you shared on the rental form (name and gender) is saved in the ‘Hotel’ database for a maximum of one year. BYBROWN does not have access to this data and will only be able to consult anonymous analytics, through the SOLS rental platform. 

3.3 SOLS software will not be able to access any of the hotel private guest data. Under no circumstances, does SOLS have the right to request the hotel’s guest private data.

3.4 In case of lost, stolen or extremely damaged coats BYBROWN has the right to request the hotel to share private data necessary to follow-up and take any necessary actions for reimbursement.

3.4 The anonymous analytics are solely used for performance of the coat rental service, it’s direct success and impact and as proof-of tax for any tax authorities. The anonymous analytics will not be sold to third parties and will be disposed of after 1 year and will be used to improve the quality- and durability of this service.


4.1 Renting a coat is at your own risk. BYBROWN and/or the hotel cannot be held liable for any medical costs, caused by injury during your coat rental duration.

4.2 The agreements, rights and duties laid down in the rental contract and these terms and conditions are subject to Dutch law, any disputes arising from or related to the rental contract shall exclusively be tried by the Court of Amsterdam.